What is a good CO2 laser marking machine?


Main features:

1. Excellent marking quality: Clear marking pattern,not easy to wear(positioning accuracy is 0.02mm).

2.Stable performance:The metal radio frequency laser tube(Synrad) is high quality.

3.Safety system: it uses a whole sealing optical system, ensures safety.

4. Long life:3-5 years.

5.Support various graphics formats:BMP/TIFF/CDR/DWG/HPG

Applicable industry:

Wide used in all kinds of consumer goods, food packing, fodder packing, pharmaceutical packing, architectural ceramics, clothing accessories, leather,fabric cutting, craft gift, rubber products, shell plate, jeans cloth, furniture, etc.

Applicable material:

Applicable to marking on surface of almost all metal and part of nonmetal materials such as leather,jeans, wooden products, acrylic,plastic,leather, cloth, bamboo, paper,organic materials,marble,crystal,epoxy resin etc...

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