Application of Fiber laser marking machine and CO2 marking machine


If you’re looking for a powerful technology that can be used to create clean, fast, high-contrast permanent marks for branding, identification, and traceability, a fiber laser marking machine might be the way to go. Their high power and superior beam quality make them ideal solutions for marking and engraving on a wide variety of materials, from steel and copper to aluminum and plastics. But is fiber laser marking machine suitable for wood products?

Can a fiber laser mark wood?

If you are looking for industrial marking solutions for your wood products,   do not choose fiber laser marking machines. It can pose a serious fire hazard.
When the fiber laser beam travels into wood, its absorption can’t be controlled. This reaction is caused by variances in the wood material. Heat builds up, and eventually the wood will ignite. This creates an extremely dangerous situation. The fire will spread quickly with the wood acting as fuel for the intense heat.
Moreover,, there is another key reason why fiber lasers and wood shouldn't mix. Fiber lasers create poor marks on wood.
The goal of any marking or engraving project is to create a mark that is readable, either by human or machine. Uncontrolled absorption, however, results in an uncontrolled mark on wood. This mark looks uneven, with some places charred and others barely identifiable.
Fiber laser cutting machine can mark any kind of information on your metallic parts. Be it a logo, a serial number, a bar code, a pattern or anything, fiber laser engraver does it all smoothly. But I does not recommend using a fiber laser for wood applications.

What is the best way to laser marking wood?

Don't give up on laser marking yet. There is another type of industrial laser marking machine that can mark clean, readable marks on wood, along with other organic materials. It's also more cost effective long term because it reduces the consumable and maintenance costs that often come with ink jet or labels.
A CO2 laser marking machine is capable of successfully engraving wood with logos, serial numbers, 1D or 2D barcodes, and more -- without starting a fire.

What are the benefits of using CO2 laser marking machine for wood products?

Clean and controlled marks on wood products.
Compact and cost-effective, making them solutions for companies upgrading from ink jet or labeling part identification methods.
Capability to produce quality marks at high speeds, helping operations save costs and improve cycle time.
Many of our customers have used the CO2 laser to successfully add branding marks or traceability information to their wooden products, including gun stocks, floor planks, pallets, barrels, and furniture.

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